College 项目 for Undecided Majors

Guided Undergraduate Studies: A Program for Undeclared 学生

If you’re not ready to choose your college major, then UNE’s Guided Undergraduate Studies (GUST) program is an ideal way to begin your journey. 在阵风, you experience a structured curriculum in which you explore your options before choosing a major. Starting out undecided could be one of the best decisions you make.

The GUST program is designed to help you dig deeper into your interests and opportunities, and to support you in staying on track for an enriching four-year college experience.

Watch: Student Experiences with GUST

Coming to UNE without a declared major was by far one of my best decisions. My faculty mentor really supports his students and helps put potential majors into perspective — through school and as a career." Colin Gleason, Undeclared ‘23



作为一名GUST学生, you will enroll in a common first-year seminar to formally explore majors with the guidance of a faculty mentor. You’ll learn about various programs by interviewing professors, meeting with students within majors, 阅读文学作品, and sitting in on classes.

在此期间, you will also consult with your professional advisor and UNE’s career services team. Together they will help you understand the career pathways connected with those various majors.


Once you have chosen your major, UNE will support you in transitioning to your new course of study. You will meet the department chair for your major, and you’ll be assigned a new faculty mentor from that program. By reviewing curriculum maps with your mentor and advisor, you will create your graduation plan — a semester-by-semester plan to earn your degree.

As you launch into your graduation plan, you will have full access to the experiential learning opportunities that define a UNE education: study abroad and cultural exploration, guided research and creative projects, 社区参与, 和实习.


GUST enables you to plan out the framework of your full college experience. With that advanced preparation, you might even explore opportunities beyond your major — building your resume through fascinating electives, 收入micro-badges, or pursuing a minor or double major.

a faculty member sits with two students


Your GUST experience will be guided by a team of educators who will get to know you and who will help develop a plan that’s right for you:

  • GUST教师导师
  • Professional academic advisors
  • Career services counselor
  • Academic major faculty mentor

For more information on Guided Undergraduate Studies, email Michael Cripps at

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